Subject: Help requested with Partitioning for new install
To: None <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/1994 08:13:43
Heya guys,

I'm fixing to do a fresh install of NetBSD-current from the 'unofficial'
Beta installation disks, and I was wanting some input on what to designate
as sizes for some various partitions...

To start, I have two ESDI hard drives.  Both of the drives and the controller
card supports bad-sector forwarding (if that is pertinant to this).

The machine has 8 Megs of memory.

wd0 has 303 cyls, 1008 sectors per cyl (~150M)
wd1 has 654 cyls, 1008 sectors per cyl (~320M)

The # of cyls are close enough to 2 * M_of_space to calculate it as such...
I have two possibilities so far:

---===*** Number 1 ***===---              ---===*** Number 2 ***===---
/          -  30 cyls (15M)               /          -  30 cyls (15M)
swap       -  32 cyls (16M)               swap       -  32 cyls (16M)
/home      - 121 cyls (60M)               /usr/src   - 160 cyls (80M)
/usr       - 120 cyls (60M)               /usr       -  81 cyls (40M)

/blah      -  30 cyls (15M)               /blah      -  30 cyls (15M)
/usr/local - 312 cyls (156M) - ?          /usr/local - 504 cyls (252M)
/usr/src   - 312 cyls (156M) - ?          /home      - 120 cyls (60M)

Basically, I'd like to give /usr/local lots of room, and tighten down on
/usr and /usr/src (By 'tighten down', I mean: figure what's required now
add ~5% for upgrade expansion).  Which, is why I have #2 above, that's
my preference (if i can get away with it).  /home doesn't matter that
much since there are only going to be about two-three active accounts.

/blah is for upgrade purposes and a non-volatile tmp space.  I used it
a while back (and loved it) to upgrade from 0.9 -> current (0.9B), and
would like to put it on this time for similiar purposes.

So, this bottom question is:  How much room is required for /usr/src and

Another question, is there any dox on configuring for SLIP or PPP?  I'm
going to be doing that as well, but don't remember seeing any pointers
or whatever on setting that up.  (This area is going to be new to me
since I have a 14.4k modem this time).

Any feedback is nice.


-- Rob
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