Subject: Re: /etc/conf: Re: Rmail queues everything?
To: Ronald Khoo <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1994 20:35:20
On Sep 28,  8:27am, Ronald Khoo wrote:
>According to DNS Master <>:
>> A side note:  With all the .conf files (inetd.conf, syslog.conf,
>> newsyslog.conf) should we make an /etc/conf directory in which we stuff
>> all the config files, or is this just opening a can of pointers to worms?
>/etc is already the config directory.  What else do you put in yours ?

At the risk of being accused of comparing apples to oranges, I will offer
this:  Silicon Graphics has a /etc/config directory, which contains the
config files used during the startup process: flags which tell whether
or not to run various subsystems (network, nfs, graphics, iconlogin, etc.)
and the options those subsystems use, in contrast to the NetBSD way of
putting the flags at the beginning of /etc/netstart.  The /etc directory
proper contains the general purpose config files, the ones that get
referenced during the normal operation of the machine.


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