Subject: Re: Rmail queues everything?
To: John F. Woods <owner-current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: DNS Master <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1994 10:18:24
[ sorry about the bandwidth, but I couldn't pass this one up. ]

#include <std/protocol.h>

A [insert large conglomerate] rep would say, "Look at it this way:  If you
configure your high water load average in properly, sendmail
will eventually stop trying to deliver the mail presented by rmail and just
queue the messages anyway..."


Yes, something like that should be run-time configurable, and probably
in an rmail.conf file or some such.

A side note:  With all the .conf files (inetd.conf, syslog.conf,
newsyslog.conf) should we make an /etc/conf directory in which we stuff
all the config files, or is this just opening a can of pointers to worms?

#define AUTHOR " ("John F. Woods")"

 * I was going to offer my own opinion about whether uucp mail should be
 * delivered immediately, but it struck me that since it was going to be
 * the third different opinion so far, it really underlined the central
 * message of the original piece of mail:  this ought to be _configurable_,
 * without having to edit source code.  I guess that implies that the
 * queue/no-queue decision should be left to sendmail; probably rmail should
 * use -odi to ensure it waits for sendmail to finish (so you don't get dozens
 * of sendmails all competing for a chance to save system time by queueing their
 * messages :-).  At any rate, I think the best approach is to make sure the
 * configuration can be done simply (well, as simple as sendmail gets).

#undef AUTHOR	/* " ("John F. Woods")" */

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