Subject: Re: ballpark ratio users:cpu for a [345]86 NetBSD box?
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1994 09:21:40
Oh, and I forgot one other very important thing...

Dave McGuire says:
> But for how much money?  I can pick up a Sun4/470 for about
> US$2,000.00 right now, that I know from experience (I work for an
> Internet provider that sells shell accounts on Sun4/400-series
> systems) can readily handle 60 people with no problem.

Each Pentium is substantially more powerful than a 4/470 in every
respect. As importantly, however, a 4/470 is a monsterously large
machine compared to a Pentium and consumes far more power. I can stack
ten PCI based Pentium PCs in a 19 inch rack. You may laugh at this
consideration, but for those of us trying to run operations in places
like New York City where every square foot can cost truly astronimical
sums of money and where electricity is very expensive, this is a
serious consideration. Replacing stupid obsolete 4/470s and 4/490s
with stacks of far more powerful Sparcstations saved one client of
mine with a high floor datacenter in a prime real estate location more
than enough to pay for the conversion, and the machines were better,