Subject: ballpark ratio users:cpu for a [345]86 NetBSD box?
To: None <>
From: George Michaelson <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1994 09:07:48
Assuming sensible VLB/SCSI disk controller, and reasonable memory,
what are tenable numbers of interactive users on a NetBSD PC architecture
box doing mail/news stuff, both logged in and via inetd daemons?

reference points:

	DEC 5000/240 64Mb memory, seems to max out around 70 users
	Sun 600(2cpu) ditto

I estimate 3-4 procs per logged in user, 1 per inetd client so that
means 300 processes seems to be where the knee comes in for RISC

(we're serving around 500 active users on these platforms, out of 3000
 candidate logins. Yep... 2500 sleeping accounts who've never logged in
 they are probably the POP/NNTP access load however)

Rubbery figures welcome. I guess that a 66Mhz 486 with 32+Mb can handle
around 40 interactive and a background load of the same net-users. PCI
Pentium should be more like the bigger boxes. Am I pessimistic?

Sorry if wrong list.