Subject: Re: x86: Network boot flopppy disk?
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Greg Spiegelberg <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1994 14:32:26
# > Hello,
# > 
# > Has any one ever made a x86 floppy disk that, when booted, will in turn
# > boot the machine `diskless' across the network using bootp/tftp/nfs/...?
# >  This should hopefully avoid the need to burn netboot prom's for each
# > ethernet card.
# Yes, I have.  I am netbooting a 486DX/33 with a 3c507 card, off of
# another netbsd box.  I tried to set it up with a 3c509, but I didn't
# know how to configure the correct port, as ifconfig sure isn't
# going to run in the kernel... :-)  I imagine I could change the
# if_ep.c to hardcode the 'link0 link1' stuff, but I didn't want to
# mess with it.  You probably will want to modify the boot/autoconf
# code so it doesn't do the "insert filesystem disk" request and
# sit there waiting for a keystroke!
# (maybe NetBSD supports the ep0 'altphys' config file option like
# FreeBSD?)
# Anyway, it works ok, though it seems a bit slow on i/o.

Has anyone ever gotten something similar to this work using
the Netware 3.1x autobooting (ie. remote reset) with LANWORKS
boot proms?

If so, how did you create the boot image in such a way that
Netware accepted it and afterwards made the diskless machine
reference the NetBSD server?

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