Subject: Re: proc table mismatch?
To: None <>
From: G C Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1994 04:25:13 (Michael L. VanLoon -- writes:
:>when I tried to do a "ps" I got an error message along the lines of:
:>proc table mismatch([number] 640 blocks)
:You need to rebuild your libkvm and/or your ps binary.  (Rebuilding
:both being the best alternative, rebuilding libkvm first.)

I had this. You shouldn't have to rebuild ps, w, etc. only libkvm.
This happened to me when I did "make" (in libkvm dir), after getting updated
sources. Try "make clean", then "make". One or more of the older objects
was stuffing mine (and probably yours) up.
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