Subject: Kerberos
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/22/1994 08:12:23
I haven't heard from you lately.

I had the need to get Kerberos working so I went off and got things
finished myself.

I took two approaches in parallel, building the Cygnus distribution
and pulling the parts needed from the Cygnus distribution into
the src/kerberosIV tree.

I ended up using the results of the latter approach.  I ran into several
problems with buiding the Cygnus dist.  First I had to edit the configure
scripts to add netbsd support, then I ran into setreuid() problems in
libkrb, then I had problems with the various bsd clients because of
socket header changes and library differences.  The nature of the
Cygnus (and mit dist in general) reliance on Imake made it difficult to
make changes to the makefiles that were persistent and could be folded
back into a vanilla distribution.

Normally I would have made the effort so that NetBSD support would
get into some "vanilla" distribution, but kerberosIV is a dead-end
at this point.  Build it, it works, it's there.  No one is going to
be doing major new work with it.

So the kerberosIV tree support is reasonably done.  The plusses of
that support are that it goes into the NetBSD source tree cleanly,
shared library support is trivial (just add the shlib_version files
and the standard makefiles do the rest).

I pulled in libkstream, properly split compile_et back into 
compile and libcom_err, and pulled in the admin stuff, libkadm, 
kpasswd, kadmin, kadmind, build_pwfile, libss, and mk_cmds.  I also
pulled in the Cygnus dist versions of des.h and the krb error codes
since there were about three new ones.

The mk_cmds and compile_et stuff are seriously gross, esp. since
there is a wonderful circular dependancy of mk_cmds needs libss needs
mk_cmds for one  So they're in for completeness, but I'm
assuming the generated source stays put and is relatively quiet.  Not
needing to rebuild those elminates the binary->source dependancy that
seriously futzes the makefiles so to try to get everything to build

I also went over and grabbed the FreeBSD versions of rlogind and rshd
to generate patches to apply back to the NetBSD programs.  I also fixed
up the Makefiles for rlogind/rshd/rsh/rlogin and pulled in the needed
kcmd.c and krcmd.c files.  The rlogin stuff works...the rsh stuff just
hangs, so I'm still working on it a bit.

When I get that fixed and make some changes to the top level Makefile so
that the whole kaboodle will build start to finish (or at least add a
seperate libs and libinstall target) then I'll put it up.  Probably in 
a couple of days.  I'll also put it out as is for now if you or anyone
is desperate, but I really need to at least verify that everything now
builds start to finish...yesterday was some serious hacking.

I don't have any plans on trying to build a DESless version for
foreigners's too hard and meaningless.  If someone else wants to
contact me overseas and have me send the thing minus libdes I'll do
that and let them deal with it.  Doing libdes from scratch is
non-trivial, and the DES has to be real DES, not the slightly peturbed
Unix version in crypt or the FreeSec dist, at least if you want to
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