Subject: Re: I don't want to wait!
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/1994 16:52:25
Someone whom I won't embarrass further wrote:
> But I think that the core group could give us a timeframe when they know 
> that it will be delayed from the day they suggest.

I am currently stuck out in the middle of a desert after the end of two weeks
here trying to finish up a device driver that was promised (by someone else)
for the beginning of August, was supposed to be finished the beginning of
September, and was to have taken only a week to tune onsite, and I'm going
to have to return after some hardware gets fixed back home.  I sure HOPE
I'll get it all working the second time.  And I am getting paid for all this.

Somehow I fail entirely to be even remotely shocked that a group of volunteers
working on an entire operating system have been delayed a month.  Software
just has this habit of eating up all the time in the world.

> May be they should write a note each week. Something that say how the
> problems are comming in and how they are solved. 

Having had my software delayed by interminable status meetings, I frankly think
they should not waste their time on notes like this.  Not that I wouldn't MIND
seeing them, of course, but I strongly suspect that they'll share my views on
the relative usefulness of time spent telling other people what they would be
working on if they weren't spending their time writing about it.