Subject: Re: A Pathological Question
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From: T. William Wells <>
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Date: 09/16/1994 02:14:04
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Not quite.....

: HOWEVER, now that I've got my box partitioned correctly and on the 'net, is
: it at all feasible to install NetBSD current (the 4.4 lite Beta) "on top
: of" FreeBSD; ie, can I just replace my /sys directory with a NetBSD sys,
: config it, make it, and expect it to work?

(I recently switched from the latest FreeBSD to NetBSD, without doing a full

The object formats aren't compatible. You can use the same filesystems, but
you have to bring everything over, starting with binaries. And don't forget
to install a new set of boot blocks; the FreeBSD boot blocks won't boot a
NetBSD kernel.  Other than that, there's no magic to switching over, just a
lot of sweat, since *everything* will have to be recompiled and reconfigured.