Subject: Re: install -d -c or maybe makefile
To: Larry Lee <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/15/1994 09:41:42
> There is also discussion about the installation (and deinstallation) of
> packages. One of the side benefits that I hope comes from that discussion
> is that what is currently NetBSD will be divided into several smaller
> packages.  Would you recommend the mtree solution for the average 
> installation package? Would mtree be appropriate for X?

I would think that a good package installation/deinstallation facility
would use files like what mtree produces.  They would contain the names of
all of the files, their ownership and permissions, and possibly their
dates and checksums.  SCO's custom utility had them, and a program called
"fixperms" which would change file's uids, gids and permissions to match
those recorded in the file.  The POSIX.7.2 draft has a similar scheme.