Subject: install -d -c or maybe makefile
To: None <>
From: Larry Lee <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/14/1994 07:54:58
There has been some discussion recently about install -d -c features
or lack thereof.

I have been trying to get a complete build to work from within a chroot'd
environment.  Clearly to do this it is necessary to seed the environment
with the sources from the tar files as well as all the compilers etc.

I have discovered that many target directories must previously exist.
One example is the /usr/share/man/cat[0-8] directories are not created
by any make directive that I have found. I presume that these target
directories were created by an install of the binary tar files.

As a point of discussion, and not a bug report or change request,
would it not be appropriate to change most 'install' commands in the
makefiles to 'install -d'.  In this way the makes would create the
required target directory structure, and only those directories that
are required. As a result it would be much more convenient to allow
both the -d and -c directives on a single line.