Subject: Re: Installation of additional software
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/14/1994 11:02:28
There is _very_ little I like about svr4, well Solaris 2.3 anyway, 
in 1994 it amazes me that a vendor can ship a commercial product where
the sysadmin has to go find, /usr/openwin/man/makewhatis, fix it, and
run it agains */man, before man(1) has a hope of working.  Even then
you have to use man -F if you ever want to read a man page!  

That and HP-UX defaulting to @,# etc as editing chars in their latest
release gets me every time :-)

Anyway, I have to use Solaris on some systems at one of my client
sites ('cos SunOS can't hack 100's of x25 sessions on a line), and I
have to say that pkgadd et al is ok.  I've never tried un-installing
anything, but installing patches and new packages was totally

I understand that FreeBSD at least, has a pkg* suite, so I was
wondering... why re-invent wheels?  

BTW, I've just unsubscribed as I'm going away for several weeks and my
upstream site can't handle a huge backlog, so flame me directly if you
must :-)