Subject: AIC6360 Select Timeout Bug
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/12/1994 23:04:44
I've come accross a reproducable kernel panic.

	VL Bus IDE Controller w/250MB IDE (Maxtor)
	AIC-6360 SCSI Controller w/500MB (ST-3600N) and Viper 150

If I have multiple dumps on a QIC-150 tape, and then try to restore
this I run into an interesting problem.  If I mt -f /dev/blech fsf 1
to forward the tape, (in this case skipping over a 100MB file) the mt
fails after a long time, and the kernel complains:

Sep 12 22:39:12 nirvana /netbsd: st0(aic0:5:0): timed out

The tape keeps going.  A bit later, when it appears the fsf completes, 
(the tape drive does it's little re-sync bit and stops) the kernel then
panics on a bad data fault.  I don't have the details of all of this becuase
I've never gotten a good kernel savecore out of my system.

If I dd through the file to skip it, then all is fine..

Obviously it looks like something isn't cleaning up properly after the 
timeout or the subsequent (now unexpected?) select return is causing a 

BTW...I have isolated this problem on a vanilla kernel free of my 1024
byte block mucking.
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