Subject: Re: gtty, stty
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/12/1994 14:07:25
Dear NetBSDers,
    It seems that there is an include file for gtty and stty but when I 
compile a program using it I get undefined _gtty or _stty.  There is also 
a manual entry for gtty and stty which seems to indicate they should be 
there.  Below is a program which fails on my system.  My libraries are 
Aug 1.  Includes and kernel Aug 23.
#include <sgtty.h>
    struct sgttyb b;
    gtty(0, &b); 
cc produces:
.. Undefined symbol `_gtty' ...
     This is exactly the same problem I have for compiling kermit.  I have 
     also checked in libcompat.a and it was there, but the linker does not 
     include them and complains displaying above message.  Can anybody 
     explain why???  I had posted my problem under the heading of "Help - 
     no shared version of libcompat.a".  I see it is not only me who is 
     having this kind of problems.