Subject: Re: Help request on kerberos
To: None <>
From: Mark Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/12/1994 10:51:56
> Errr, the NetBSD install definately takes -c & -d; this is under 1.0 BETA, so
> I don't know about 0.9, but I am pretty sure the 0.9 install knew about -c.
> --Ken

Not quite...NetBSD install takes -c **OR** -d, it doesn't take -c **AND** -d.

Look in xinstall.c...there is a specific check that denies both these flags
being set at the same time...

The fix would probably be easy, but I haven't bothered.  In NetBSD you just
do a install -d followed by an install -c. 

But the FreeBSD kerberosIV tree has other problems, primiary in that
it's incomplete, no kadmind and other fun I'm starting over with
the Cygnus Kerberos dist (basically the MIT dist cleaned up for better
portability and some other bits tossed in).

But for "install -d -c",
If it should work, it doesn't and it's a bug...but the man page and the
code seem to indicate that they don't and shouldn't work togather.