Subject: Re: NetBSD for an AT&T 3B2??
To: Dave Burgess <>
From: Joe Ammond <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/01/1994 10:42:02
According to Dave Burgess:
> Is there any support for it in NetBSD yet?  Since it is kind of 68000
> sort of thing (with 1G of hard drive and 64Meg of memory) I thought it
> might make a nice little printer server ;-)

As far as I am aware of, the 3B2 series are all based on the we32k series
of processors, not the 68000, so a port wouldn't be as easy.

There is support for the we32k series in gcc, so can compiler could be
built.  I don't know how hard the hardware info would be to get, tho.

> Just today's silly question.
> I appreciate your time.

I'd be interested in helping with a port, since I've got a 3B2/1000-80 sitting
in a closet.  I hate it when good hardware sits lonely and unused.

Joe Ammond, Geek