Subject: Re: Intel: supported hardware?
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/1994 19:06:11
> Is there a list of hardware supported by NetBSD/Intel?

I'm in the process of writing up installation notes, and will be
kicking out some _real_ binaries that people can test install as soon
as one of my least favorite regional network providers gets their
collective butt in gear to fix a problem...

anyway, below is the 'hardware' list.  Note that not all of the
supported hardware isn't supported on the distribution floppies, for
various reasons.  (In particular, i'm disappointed that the 'wt'
driver won't be on the distribution floppies.  however, if it is, it
can reprogram people's SMC/Western Digital ethernet boards accidentally!)

NetBSD/i386 1.0 runs on ISA (AT-Bus), EISA, PCI, and VL-bus systems
with 386-family processors, with or without math coprocessors.  It
does NOT support MCA systems, such as some IBM PS/2 systems.  The
minimal configuration requires 4M of RAM and 40M of disk space.  To
install the entire system requires much more disk space, and to run X
or compile the system, more RAM is recommended.  (4M of RAM will
actually allow you to run X and/or compile, but it won't be speedy.)

Supported devices include:
	Floppy controllers.
	MFM, ESDI, IDE, and RLL hard disk controllers.
	SCSI host adapters:
		Adaptec AHA-152x (and other AIC-6260-based boards, such
			as the SoundBlaster SCSI host adapter)
		Adaptec AHA-154xA, -B, -C, and -CF [only on kcaha floppy]
		Adaptec AHA-174x
		Adaptec AIC-6360-based boards
		Buslogic 54x [AHA-154x clones; only on kcaha floppy]
		Buslogic 445, 74x, 9xx [only on kcbt floppy]
		NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI host adapter
		Ultrastor 14f, 34f, and (possibly) 24f
	MDA, CGA, VGA, SVGA, and HGC Display Adapters.  (Note that not
		all of the display adapters NetBSD/i386 can work with
		are supported by X.)
	Serial ports:
		8250/16450-based ports
		16550-based ports
		AST-style 4-port serial boards [*]
		IBM PC-RT 4-port serial boards [*]
	Parallel ports.
	Ethernet controllers:
		AT&T StarLAN 10, EN100, and StarLAN Fiber
		3COM 3c501 [*]
		3COM 3c503
		3COM 3c505 [*]
		3COM 3c507
		3COM 3c509 and 3c579
		Digital DEPCA
		BICC Isolan [not recently tested]
		SMC/WD 8003, 8013, and the SMC "Elite16" ISA boards
		SMC/WD 8216 (the SMC "Elite16 Ultra" ISA boards)
		Novell NE1000, NE2000
		Novell NE2100 [not recently tested]
	Tape drives:
		Most SCSI tape drives
		QIC-02 and QIC-36 format (Archive- and Wangtek-
			compatible) tape drives [*]
	CD-ROM drives:
		Mitsumi CD-ROM drives [*]
		Most SCSI CD-ROM drives
		"Logitech"-style mice [*]
		"Microsoft"-style mice [*]
		"PS/2"-style mice [*]
		Serial mice (no kernel support necessary)
		SoundBlaster [*]

Drivers for hardware marked with "[*]" are NOT included on the
distribution floppies.  Except as noted above, all other drivers are
present on both kernel-copy disks.  Also, at the present time, the
distributed kernels support only one SCSI host adapter per machine.
NetBSD normally allows more, though, so if you have more than one, you
can use all of them by compiling a custom kernel once NetBSD is

Hardware the we do NOT currently support, but get many questions
	Adaptec AIC-7770-based SCSI host adapters (including the
		Adaptec AHA-274x, AHA-284x, and AHA-294x families).
	Intel EtherExpress Ethernet boards.
	NCR 5380-based SCSI host adapters.
	PCMCIA devices.
	QIC-40 and QIC-80 tape drives.  (Those are the tape drives
		that connect to the floppy disk controller.)
	WD-7000 SCSI host adapters.

To be detected by the distributed kernels, the devices must
be configured as follows:

Device		Name	Port	IRQ	DRQ	Misc
------		----	----	---	---	----
Serial ports	com0	0x3f8	4		[8250/16450/16550/clones]
		com1	0x2f8	3		[8250/16450/16550/clones]
		com2	0x3e8	5		[8250/16450/16550/clones]

Parallel ports	lpt0	0x378	7		[interrupt-driven or polling]
		lpt1	0x278			[polling only]
		lpt2	0x3bc			[polling only]

MFM/ESDI/IDE/RLL hard disk controller
		wdc0	0x1f0	14		[supports two disks]

Floppy controller
		fdc0	0x3f0	6	2	[supports two disks]

AHA-154x, AHA-174x (in compatibility mode), or BT-54x SCSI host adapters
		aha0	0x330	any	any	[only on kcaha kernel floppy]

AHA-174x SCSI host adapters (in enhanced mode)
		ahb0	any	any	any

BT445, BT74x, or BT9xx SCSI host adapters
		bt0	0x330	any	any	[only on kcbt kernel floppy]

Ultrastor 14f, 24f (if it works), or 34f SCSI host adapters
		uha0	0x330	any	any

AHA-152x, AIC-6260- or AIC-6360-based SCSI host adapters
		aic0	0x340	11	6

NCR 53C810 PCI SCSI host adapter
		ncr0	any	any	any

SCSI disks	sd0	first SCSI disk (by SCSI id)
		sd1	second SCSI disk (by SCSI id)
		sd2	third SCSI disk (by SCSI id)
		sd3	fourth SCSI disk (by SCSI id)

SCSI tapes	st0	first SCSI tape (by SCSI id)
		st1	second SCSI tape (by SCSI id)

SCSI CD-ROMs	cd0	first SCSI CD-ROM (by SCSI id)
		cd1	second SCSI CD-ROM (by SCSI id)

SMC/WD 8003, 8013, Elite16, and Elite16 Ultra Ethernet boards, 3c503,
Novell NE1000, or NE2000 Ethernet boards
		ed0	0x280	2		iomem 0xd0000
		ed1	0x250	2		iomem 0xd8000
		ed2	0x300	10		iomem 0xcc000

3COM 3c509 or 3COM 3c597 Ethernet boards
		ep0	any	any

AT&T StarLAN 10, EN100, or StarLAN Fiber, or 3COM 3c507 Ethernet boards
		ie0	0x360	7		iomem 0xd0000

BICC Isolan, Novell NE2100, or Digitial DEPCA Ethernet boards
		le0	0x320	10	7