Subject: Couple of questions..
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/1994 01:35:56
Just wondering:
  1. Are there any plans to add support for the Boca multiport
     serial cards like FreeBSD has?  I'd like to get one, but
     couldn't write my own driver... :-(  Would I need to buy
     2? (one for me, one for mycroft? :-) )

  2. Does anyone have a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 working with the
     soundblaster driver? I've already got 2.. :-)

  3. (ok, several questions..)  Am I doing something wrong with
     my serial ports?  I have 2 16550AFN's and run one on a ppp
     connection at 19.2k, the other has a mouse on it.  Even
     without X running I get 'silo overflow' errors quite often
     on my ppp link.  Is this related to my PIO IDE drive?
     I thought that my fifo's would run Really Fast (tm)
     without overflowing?  Oh, but the overflows only happen
     when I'm actively telnetting, ftping, etc.. not when it's
     just sitting there.

Thanks for any help!