Subject: Snapsot Report - August 21st tar_files
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/24/1994 08:54:20
Snapshot report.

Subtitled: A golf-cart, three penguins, and a pick-axe.

Me: (Alistair G. Crooks)

Source: tar_files, 21st August 1994, from

Base version of NetBSD: 0.9.

Upgrade from previous -current: yes, 4th August 94 sources from

Machine specifics: 386DX/40+387, 16MB RAM, 1542CF, 540 MB SCSI (Quantum), VGA

Other software: Matthieu Herrb's XFree86 2.1.1, built July 21 1994.

Tar files integrity: good.

Additional things to do during upgrade: None

Any warnings during compilation: None

Any problems during make: None

Observations: None

Changes from previous snapshot report:
(This is taken from the CHANGES file on sun-lamp - last update on 12th Aug 94)

	sparc bootblocks; integration with disklabel needed (pk)
	rtld: issue warning if required minor revision can't be found (pk)

(although some other changes have taken place - see below)


1. Once again, everything compiled first time, and my system seems to run
fine too. The only funny was :

ps, top, and (I suppose) things that grab stuff via kvm had to be
recompiled so that they'd run - simply relinking top wasn't enough,
and I had to generate object files again before it could grab the
correct values.

2.  The i386 GENERICAHA kernel config file now has PCI support,
specifically for the NCR chip.

3.  The way of specifying the configuration in the i386 kernel config
file has changed as well - it's now

config	netbsd swap generic

rather than

config	netbsd root on wd0 swap on wd0 and sd0

which I must say is neater.  You'll also need an "options GENERIC" in
your config file.

4. catman is still "not yet done" in usr.sbin/Makefile.

5.  I modified the Berkeley mpeg_play stuff to work on the NeXT
(16-bit colour), and on the 4-bit XFree86 VGA server (XF86_VGA16). 
Not exactly quick, but it works.  Anyone wanting a copy, drop me a

6.  The Betas of the Sather 1.0 compiler compile fine under NetBSD
1.0_BETA, straight out of the box. Unfortunately, it's not prime
time, yet.

7.  There wasn't really much point in a Snapshot Report last week,
as there weren't any new tar_files on until 21st

8.  Ken Hornstein and Mark Weaver have posted some instructions to
netbsd-help for those of you i386 massochists who are trying to read
MSDOS filesystems.  For more info, read the mailing list archives.

9. I've almost got my Magneto-Optical running under VSTa 1.3.1. When
it does fly, I'll see about doing something for NetBSD.

10.  I thought I saw something some time ago about changing one
source-file commands (using the share/mk files) to compile the binary
directly, without creating an intermediate object file.  Does anyone
know what happenned to that?

11.  On a more personal note, my wife has now managed to dislocate her
shoulder, and so I'm now more pressed for time than I was.  All
sympathy to

Alistair G. Crooks (                      +44 252 346377
Amdahl European HQ, Dogmersfield Park, Hartley Wintney, Hants RG27 8TE, UK.