Subject: Australian SUP server closing down (or moving)
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/24/1994 13:11:20
As of September 2, I won't be working as a system admin at
the Department of Computer Science, RMIT University, as I'm moving
on to greener pastures (although I'll still be an undergraduate
within the department.)

This leaves a minor dilemma - I probably won't retain root access
on the support staff machine that is currently acting as the sup
server for about 10 people in Australia (

The service will probably cease a few days after that time, as my
new employer (I'm contracting to Telecom Australia) has firewall
restrictions so I probably won't be able to run the supserver there.

If someone is willing to take over as the netbsd-current sup server
for down-under, I'm sure there'd be a few people grateful (including
me because I would use such a service in preference to sun-lamp if
it was available.)

What you need to become a -current mirror:
	- good connectivity (those who sup off me at Melbourne
	  Uni would be good candidates :)
	- about 100MB of free space on TOP of your normal source tree.
	- mail me and I'll send you the scripts and control files,
	  and advise you if necessary

If anyone is willing, please mail me, and I'll send you the scripts
and control files I've got, so that you can start the service.
The way I ran it was:
	- run supfilesrv on your server (`sup-mirror')
	- each night, sup from sun-lamp to sup-mirror. run
	  supscan if the sup was successful.
	- allow people access to sup-mirror.

I actually supped from my mirror to another local machine, so you
really need about 300MB if you want to mirror and maintain your
own source tree:
	100MB sup-mirror:/wherever
	200MB netbsd-current-box:/usr/src

Any volunteers?

Luke Mewburn             UNIX Systems Programmer, Technical Services Group
<>               Department of Computer Science, RMIT.
                                         [till September 2]