Subject: Loooking for BSD for Amiga 3000 with 14meg Ram & 400 megs of HD
To: None <>
From: Julian H Stacey <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/23/1994 09:58:50
To Andr? Botelho (Symantec Australia Tech Support) 
Re. your:
> Could someone please help me locate a copy of BSD for the Amiga.....
> I Have a Amiga 3000 with 14meg Ram & 400 megs of HD & would love to 
> run Bsd on my Amy...

NetBSD has the following amiga groups (dont know for which amiga hardware
though: amiga amiga-dev amiga-x

For info about mail lists, mail:
   	info amiga 	
	info amiga-dev 	
	info amiga-x

Note I have copied this to NetBSD lists:,
and to original recipients:,,
and to a Unix friend with an Amiga

I don't know of any other BSD amiga ports in progress (but then I don't have 
an amiga )

Good luck.

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