Subject: I did something stupid!
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/23/1994 01:29:21
I tried to bring my filesystems up-to-date with fsck -c2, and I
managed to hose my root partition.  Now, whenever I boot, it flashes a
message and reboots.  All I've been able to see of the message are the
last lines, which are:

i/o error


I forgot to update the boot blocks (they're 1.19s from late April),
which I think is the root of my problem.  I need one of two things:

1) Disk images for a 1.0B kernel-copy and filesystem floppies
(desperate beta tester with nothing to lose!  That's me!).  I can boot
either i386 GENERIC kernel; the only thing I really need is wd0,
although MSDOSFS and mount_msdos would be helpful.  The only thing
that *must* be missing is com3 (I have 8514A compatible VGA).

2) Alternatively, does anyone know of a dd-like utility that runs on
DOS?  I just went trolling through the /pub/msdos/{gnuish,diskutil}
directories on, but I didn't see anything that might
be helpful.  If I had something dd-like, then I could try to write
some up-to-date bootblocks directly to my root partition.

I hope someone can help me, since I'd rather NOT have to reinstall 0.9
and upgrade again.
Mike Long                               
VLSI Design Engineer                    (PGP 2.6 public key available)
Analog Devices, CPD Division
Norwood, MA 02062 USA                assert(*this!=opinionof(Analog));