Subject: 3c509/Ultrastor 14f performance issues?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/21/1994 20:40:15
I have a 486DX/33 with a Ultrastor 14f and a 3com 3c509.
There seems to be a performance problem if they are both
'active.'  i.e. iozone says ~310K to the local drive
(a Micropolis 1588) which seems kind of slow, but is better
than the ~20K I get via nfs/ftp/etc..  The other machine is
a 486DX2/66 with IDE and a 3c509.  It seems to be fine.
From the 66 (to the 33) a 'get' transfers at ~320K/s, while
a 'put' transfers at ~16K/s.
From the 66, a 'get junk /dev/null' transfers at ~342K, while
a 'get junk' transfers at ~25K.
I noticed that when doing the ftp get from the 66, the drive
light on the 33 is pretty much solid, while during the ftp put
the light hardly flashes, is this a problem, or is the data
simply being cached?
Anyway, this is a friend's controller and drive that I've installed
NetBSD v1.0beta on.  If this is typical, I need to know!  Otherwise
does anyone have any ideas why it would be so slow? 
I thought somebody (mycroft?) had mentioned not running a 3c509
with an IDE, but that seems to work fine.. it's the Ultrastor that's
a problem.  (I think!)

Any help would be appreciated!