Subject: Re: sz/rz
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: jason downs <downsj@CSOS.ORST.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 08/20/1994 18:11:15
In message <>, "Martin Husemann" writes:
>> has anyone ported the old sz/rz programs to NetBSD?
>> i've got sz partially working, but rz is very confused. zmodem does not
>> quite comprehend of quad off_t in general, it seems.
>I have rz 3.10 and sz 3.16 working. "make bsd" worked out of the
>box as far as I remember. The off_t changes don't affect it, because
>all file io is done with fopen() and friends.

only on the i386. there are more problems for big endian machines.
i will post diffs when i have some reliable software running.

i also took the approach of porting it to termios.

the problems i'm seeing are off_t related. the zmodem protocol itself
cannot deal with 64bit offsets, and i don't know enough about it to
repair the software, in order to 'talk' 32bit offsets and handle 64bit
ones interally.

the NetBSD box is an hp300. the test case i've been using for talking to
it is an Amiga running AmigaDOS and JR-Comm. (you'll find no intel boxen
anywhere near me, no.)

>A slightly hacked version which supports "make posix" is on
> This version gives nice status
>display when called as "rz -vv" from Seyon [or cu], but I somehow broke 
>it: it doesn't work when you dial in via modem and try to download a file
>from the NetBSD box.
>I didn't care to fix this (yet), because my NetBSD box doesn't have dial up
>access. If you diff it against the original version, you could easily separate
>the posix hacks from the [broken] cosmetic changes.

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