Subject: Re: cd /usr/src/lib/libc ; make depend because line length> 1024
To: None <>
From: Julian H Stacey <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/18/1994 16:52:50 wrote:
> This works fine on other ports.  Furthermore, the first `1024' you
> pointed out is not a bug, and the other five, while they could in some
> random circumstance lose, are only used while building sh(1).
Ok, just looked suspicious from a grep

> This looks like a problem specific to the pc532.
cd /usr/src/lib/libc/arch ; ls
CVS/    i386/   m68k/   mips/   ns32k/

ns32k has a longer name than the others, & it gets repeated many times,
hence ns32k sees the problem before the i386 mainstream folk

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