Subject: Snapshot Report - 04 August tar_files
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/1994 06:40:40
Snapshot report.

Me: (Alistair G. Crooks)

Source: tar_files, 4th August 1994, from

Base version of NetBSD: 0.9.

Upgrade from previous -current: yes, 31st July sources from

Machine specifics: 386DX/40+387, 16MB RAM, 1542CF, 540 MB SCSI (Quantum), VGA

Other software: Matthieu Herrb's XFree86 2.1.1, built July 21 1994.

Tar files integrity: good.

Additional things to do during upgrade: None

Any warnings during compilation: None

Any problems during make: None

Observations: None

Changes from previous snapshot report:
(This is taken from the CHANGES file on sun-lamp - last update on 7th August 94)

        vax: initial uploads of VAX architecture code. (ragge)
        make sys/lib/libsa build. (brezak)
        hp300: use in stand - no more installboot.c. (brezak)

[And I also saw...
	i386: disable caching on some Cyrix 486 DLCs (mycroft)
- agc]


1.  Very little to report this week, which is good news.  Everything
built OK, and seems to run well, too.  I've bitten the bullet and gone
to bootblocks, and also to level 2 inodes, and everything
seems fine in these departments.

2.  Sorry to be so late about this thing - hopefully, it's better late
than never. Next week's may not happen until Thursday/Friday, as I'm
going to be away on business from Monday to Wednesday inclusive.

3.  The usr.sbin Makefile has catman commented out, wth the comment
"not yet done", although it builds and seems to run fine on i386.  Can
anyone tell me why this is, because /usr/libexec/makewhatis seems to
exist in that directory for the sole use of catman.

4. If you're using the i386 port, and running on a Cyrix 486DLC, (which
could be showing funnies due to screwy caches, so you should use the
BIOS setup routines to disable caching either selectively or en masse).

5. Brad Spencer tells me that the BusLogic bt-946c PCI card seems
to work fine in a 90MHz Pentium box, modulo a few funnies from discs
salvaged from a Sun, with the standard buslogic driver.

6. The ccd driver appears to be getting there on a hp300s, and could
well move (or have moved) to the i386 platform. Nice...

7. Charles Hannum has modified the aic6360 driver so that it works on
a 1522. Volunteers needed who possess 1520/1522s and Soundblasters.

8. I see that FreeBSD have a beta iBCS2-compatibility module working.
Anyone else interested in this for NetBSD? If so, please drop me a line.

Alistair G. Crooks (                      +44 252 346377
Amdahl European HQ, Dogmersfield Park, Hartley Wintney, Hants RG27 8TE, UK.