Subject: Re: 2 simple questions followup...
To: Bakul Shah <uunet!!>
From: Bakul Shah <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/10/1994 15:21:02
> I think the current version of com.c works pretty well; if it had call-out
> devices, that would excellent, but it hasn't proved to be a major stumbling
> block yet.

Even though I said `rewrite' I didn't _mean_ to say start
from scratch.  I would certainly steal all the good parts;
most of com.c actually.  For me not having callout devices
*is* a stumbling block.  Other than callout devices and
perhaps using one bit of the minor for modem control, it
also needs some low level support for improved performance.
I have seen and helped make a V7 Unix running on a 5.5Mhz
68000 simulteneously handle four 19.2K lines (using 2Mhz
Zilog DARTs) doing inputs and outputs at close to full
bandwidth without dropping chars.  Surely we can do better
than that 12 years later!