Subject: Re: 2 simple questions followup...
To: Mark Steven de Sagun-Tamola <>
From: Bakul Shah <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/10/1994 13:05:51
> BTW, one additional thing I might have missed concerning problem #2 was
> that I have not configured the correct /dev files for dial out ports
> (i.e. wrong major/minor numbers, etc.)  Being the forgetful one I am, how
> would/could I change my MAKEDEV file to correctly "mknod" me some dial
> out ports (if this is actually the cause of my problem, but still would
> be helpful info!).

I don't think the `wrong' minor number hack works with the current
com.c (of course, Theo will now say it was fixed two days back:).
Hacking this in would be easy.  Speaking of com.c is anyone working
on a rewrite.  I am tempted.... What kind of things people want
in it?