Subject: Re: SUP service from
To: Brian Moore <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/09/1994 18:53:50
Brian Moore <> writes:
> After some great help from Luke Mewburn and Roland McGrath, I finally got
> up and running as a sup file server for NetBSD-current.  I'
> ve
> had it up and running for about a week, and it seems to be working fine and
> dandy.  There is only one cavat, what happens when during a sup update betwee
> n
> sun-lamp and ftp.eecs, sun-lamp goes down?  Now ftp.eecs has an incomplete
> version of the -current sources which most likely won't compile.

Just sup again, and it will fix up your tree.  I sup over a slow
slip link and it has taken several hours for a fresh sup in the
past.  I've had sun-lamp crash before, and re-supping always works

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