To: None <>
From: Randy Terbush <dsndata!sierra!>
List: current-users
Date: 08/06/1994 12:00:38
> >>> 	I have an Intel Express 16 ethernet card for a PCI machine (Gateway, 
> >In message <>, Theo de Raadt writes:
> >>There isn't a driver for this card at this time. Someone has been
> >>working on somewhat, but it is a horrible card. Your best bet would be
> >>to buy an alternate card; ethernet cards for PC's are cheap.
> >This has probably been beaten to death, but what's a good ISA Ethernet
> >card to buy? ($100-$200 range, BNC) Supposing I were to order one
> >tomorrowish... ;-)
> I've been told that both the 3com 3c5x9 boards, and the SMC/WD 8013x
> boards are quite good.  There are supposedly PCI versions of both
> available, although Theo would probably have to speak authoritatively
> on which work well.

My experience is that the SMC cards do not hold a candle to the 3com's
for speed.

You might also want to consider the TNIC-1500 that is available through
South Coast Computing. (I don't have contact information on this machine)
This is an ISA solution that is a Lance based card that uses DMA (if I
remember the specifics correctly). It has been benchmarked slightly faster
on reads than the 3c509, on BSDI. There are drivers available from the
supplier last I heard. It may also work with our new Lance drivers?
Charles might comment on that specifically.