Subject: Re: X troubles (SOLVED)
To: Jim Babb <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/05/1994 22:40:41
> > Does anyone know offhand if the temptingly empty DIP sockets on my
> > Cirrus Logic GD5426-based AVGA3VL video board can be filled with memory
> > to bring it up to 2Mb?

(It's actually AVGA3VL1, but I hope the differences would be minor.)
> I have a Cirrus card that sounds just like yours, and yes I upgraded it
> to 2MB.  The chips were fairly standard.  I think they used the same 
> ones for the 1st MB, only those were small flat-packs instead of DIPs.
> My recollection was that they were standard 44256's, but I would have
> to look at the card to be sure.

The sockets are 20 pin DIP sockets; the first MB is 8 AAA1M304J-06 chips,
whatever that is.  There are two open surface-mount IC locations, which the
manual labels "1M" (the same label given to the actual DRAMs, perhaps they
picked the cheaper of 512x8 or 256x4 parts each week?).

I pulled out the graphics card to actually look at it up close (skinning
three knuckles in the process).  I had a devil of a time putting it back
apparently because of bending the soft sheet-metal "stiffener" behind the
motherboard and flexing the motherboard itself on its inadequate support
posts.  God I hate the PC architecture.  (I could have done the whole thing
one-handed in seconds on a modular Mac...)  The kernel crashed with a
segmentation violation the first time I brought it up, but has run OK
since; I hope I didn't fry a chip or hairline-fracture a trace.  Blast.