Subject: X troubles (SOLVED)
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/1994 22:20:37
So, when I redirected the error messages that were being destroyed by
X_CONSOLE_MODE_ON (duh!), I learned that in order for XF86 2.1.1 to accelerate
my video card, it needed to reserve 1K out of the 1Mb on the card, which meant
it couldn't QUITE support the 1024x1024 virtual screen in my Xconfig.  Now
that I have a 1024x1023 virtual screen, it works fine.  (Thanks, Matthieu!)

Does anyone know offhand if the temptingly empty DIP sockets on my
Cirrus Logic GD5426-based AVGA3VL video board can be filled with memory
to bring it up to 2Mb?  Will they have carefully used a VRAM pinout
only available to them?  (The "manual"[*] that accompanied the board
documents 2MB, and doesn't describe how one gets from 1MB to 2MB.)

[*] As if any printed matter accompanying a PC product could possibly be
described as a manual...