Subject: Re: What is best, PPP or Slip?
To: Danny Lepage <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/1994 15:03:40
>I'm currently using slip (14400 bps), and I'm looking to improved
>transfer performance. So, what is best, PPP or Slip ?

Neither is "best".  I would think SLIP would be faster, simply because
it's less complex.  PPP is more robust, since it can route lots of
protocols over it, not just IP like SLIP does.  But, how many times
are you going to need to route AppleTalk or DEC LAT over your serial

I run PPP just because I like the flexibility it has with
configuration options, and it just seems a little bit more robust
(i.e. recovers quicker from corrupt packets, etc.).  On the other
hand, my co-worker runs SLIP on his connection and seems real happy
with that.  My experience is that SLIP "feels" slightly more
responsive and quicker, simply because it doesn't have to do as much.

Only your use will determine what you like best.  Why not just try
them both?  That's what I did.  You have both built in to NetBSD, so
just give them both a shot and use the one you like best.

>Is there a way to use CSLIP with NetBSD ? (The man pages for ifconfig
>mention something about an option for using Compressed Headers,
>is this CSLIP? If so, somebody figured out what the syntax is ?)

If I'm not mistaken, NetBSD-1.0 SLIP *is* CSLIP by default.  Correct
me if I'm wrong.

>Also, is it possible to set MTU with slip ? If so, how ?
>(If I remember right, MTU seems to be set ~256, but my provider
>suggest a MTU setting of 1500. If I managed to set it to 1500, will
>I have better networking performance ?)

Ya know, I would have thought ifconfig would be the command to change
an MTU, but it's not in there.  Dunno what you'd use, if it's even
possible.  Try sifting through the source -- it may have to be a
compiled-in value.

>Sorry if this is a FAQ, I've not been able to find anything to
>answer these questions.
>Thanks in advance.
>Danny Lepage

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