Subject: Re: What is best, PPP or Slip?
To: Danny Lepage <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/04/1994 13:28:47
>Is there a way to use CSLIP with NetBSD ? (The man pages for ifconfig
>mention something about an option for using Compressed Headers,
>is this CSLIP? If so, somebody figured out what the syntax is ?)

For the NetBSD end, ifconfig sl0 link0 will turn on header compression.  Also
set is link2 (by default I believe) which means if it RECEIVES a compressed
header, it starts sending them as well.  It's kinda in a ``wait and see''

>Also, is it possible to set MTU with slip ? If so, how ?
>(If I remember right, MTU seems to be set ~256, but my provider
>suggest a MTU setting of 1500. If I managed to set it to 1500, will
>I have better networking performance ?)

You may get better overall speed unless you don't care about interactive
traffic and you never loose a packet.  Assuming no compression and perfect
transfer rates, you'll get 1440 char/sec.  That means a 1500-packet would
be over a second to send.  So, if 10 of those are queued up before your
small interactive-typing ones, you may wait a while.


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