Subject: MSDOSFS and resolver
To: None <>
From: Brian Leonard <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/1994 23:15:05
	I've been having the same problem with msdosfs others have
reported.  I tried to cp something to the dos partition and ended up
with a nicely hosed dosfs that chkdsk just laughed at.  I'm running
7/13 bin snapshot with a newly sup'd (aug1) kernel.  
	The other problem I'm having is that when my slip link is
down, it takes up to a minute to resolve some names that are in
/etc/hosts.  /etc/host.conf has 'order hosts,bind' in it, so I don't
understand why it would do this.  I'm assuming it tries the nameserver
first, times out and then goes to /etc/hosts.
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