Subject: Re: Hardware query
To: Shoji Yuen <>
From: Dave Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/1994 16:56:46
> >>>>> On Sun, 31 Jul 1994 15:22:56 CDT, "David Christiansen" <> said:
> DC> 	Does anyone know if the SCSI controller on the Soundblaster/SCSI card
> DC> is actually an Adaptech or not?  If so, is it (1542?) compatible and supported
> DC> by NetBSD?  I'm considering replacing my soundblaster and moving from a non-
> DC> supported SCSI card, and I figure I could do it this way.  Unfortunately, the
> DC> outside of the box only says "Adaptech!  Combining two powerful standards."
> DC> (Which could mean almost anything) So does anyone have any experience with
> DC> this piece of equipment?
> I'm using a Soundblaster/SCSI-II card with the kernel as of
> 06/01/94 (0.9B, due to the lack of the time I haven't
> updated the kernel.)  I'm connecting SCSI HDD to it, and
> it's been working fine for more than one month. :-)

As long as you have the aic driver compiled into your sources.  This
driver will correctly probe on an Adaptec 1522 as well, but will not
access any of the SCSI devices correctly.