Subject: Re: NetBSD XFree on an i486 with #9 Pro graphics card
To: None <>
From: Randy Terbush <dsndata!sierra!>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/1994 06:43:04
> > I can't get XFree to work on an Intel 486 running NetBSD with a #9 Pro
> > graphics card.  I'm using a Sony 17Se monitor.  Basically, the monitor
> > goes into "power saving" mode.  I'm using the S3 X driver.  As anyone
> > made this work?  Thanks.
> 	I've been trying to get it working with Freebsd (to be upgraded
> to netbsd 1.0 whenn it's out), but am unsuccessful.  I set up an NFS export on
> a local machine here and booted linux off of a distribution's boot floppies and
> tried to get it working with an NFS mounted XFree 2.1.1, and it worked fine.
> I guess there's some problem with these cards and *BSD.  *sigh*  I really
> wanted to use the card.

I mailed Dave Siegel on this directly....

First of all, there are a lot of different #9 cards. Which model
are you trying to get working?

Secondly, If you want to redirect the startup information to a file
and mail it to me, I would be happy to make a stab at why it 
doesn't work.  I have been running a #9 928 Level 12 for 6 months
now. They do work, and quite nicely I might add.

Use the following to redirect the startup messages:

startx > x.out 2>&1