Subject: Re: Hardware query
To: David Christiansen <>
From: Shoji Yuen <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/01/1994 18:30:10
>>>>> On Sun, 31 Jul 1994 15:22:56 CDT, "David Christiansen" <> said:

DC> 	Does anyone know if the SCSI controller on the Soundblaster/SCSI card
DC> is actually an Adaptech or not?  If so, is it (1542?) compatible and supported
DC> by NetBSD?  I'm considering replacing my soundblaster and moving from a non-
DC> supported SCSI card, and I figure I could do it this way.  Unfortunately, the
DC> outside of the box only says "Adaptech!  Combining two powerful standards."
DC> (Which could mean almost anything) So does anyone have any experience with
DC> this piece of equipment?

I'm using a Soundblaster/SCSI-II card with the kernel as of
06/01/94 (0.9B, due to the lack of the time I haven't
updated the kernel.)  I'm connecting SCSI HDD to it, and
it's been working fine for more than one month. :-)

- Shoji Yuen