Subject: fixed scripts to build 3.5" floppies
To: None <>
From: Brad Parker <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/31/1994 20:22:00
I needed to bring up 1.0_BETA on a new machine, so I grabbed the
scripts posted by Christos Zoulas <>.  They didn't
quite work for me, so I hacked/fixed them to build a stock 3.5 set of
3 floppies.

I was able to install today with the floppies built by the script.

The shar available via anon-ftp on in pub/boot.shar
(or for the html-aware)


ps: during the the process of installing the new machine I grabbed the
current freebsd install floppies ( and did a basic install
with them.  I must say, the freebsd install proceedure is very smooth
and worked quite well.  About 90% of their defaults where correct and
if I had use them all, it would have worked.  IMHO for the disk
geometry section this is a big win (since most people have no clue
about such things).

whom ever worked on their install scripts/procedure deserves some

when I did the same thing for netbsd it worked, but there were no
defaults and at one point it asked me for the "2nd disk" when it
really ment the "3rd disk" (I know, the kernel disk does not count -
but this was confusing and when I invariably put the wrong disk in I
was hosed).