Subject: D'oh!
To: None <>
From: Source Librarian <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/31/1994 18:54:13
(it looks like a message I sent to the current-users list last week got
 dropped.... if it comes around, I apologize for the repeated info)


I RTFM'd the man page for the group file for -current, and it stated that
the list of users for a group has to be deliniated by commas -- oops. Sorry
for the wasted bandwidth.

On another note, has anyone been using tcsh 6.04 or 6.05 with -current? Here
is something really strange that didn't happen with 0.9 (release). What's
happening is that when I telnet from an HP (847/H30 running HP/UX 9.04) to
our Dell 450/MX running -current (7/24 kernel + 7/13 userland binaries),
tcsh "mangles" newlines. Instead of going to the beginning of the next line,
it (in a lot of cases) does a simple linefeed and continues on. For example,
when I'm using tcsh 6.05 and I do an ls, it comes out like:

dingo% ls
Mail/                   archie/
                               XF/                      tcp_wrapper.tar.Z

This behavior doesn't happen when I telnet from a 0.9 (release) machine, only
from our HP-UX machine. What makes it even more strange is that sometimes I
can make it work by just logging out of the session and logging back in
(works about 1/5 of the time). Even more weird: if I telnet from the HP to
the 0.9 machine, and then [from 0.9] telnet to the -current machine, tcsh
behaves nicely, so I don't think it's HP/UX's telnet.

I don't think I can blame -current, because /bin/csh and /bin/sh work fine.
I tried every stty setting, and the results are the same. Any ideas? A bug
with tcsh?

-Henry (