Subject: Another Serial Port Question
To: None <>
From: Len Burns <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/29/1994 00:56:02
First, I must say i upgraded to current from 0.9b
using source supped on Sunday Jul 24 and the upgrade went with nothing more 
than minor glitches.  Very impressive the changes.  I am running
current on a 66 mhz 486 16 megs ram and 4 16550a serial ports.  I have
2 questions for those more leanred than I.  First,I am using a ppp
line on tty01 set at 38400 baud with crtscts.  It is working smoothly,
but when the load average on the system begins to rise, anything above
around .5 I begin receiving silo overflow messages.  The machine
recovers fine, no crashes like it used to do but it does hamper
through put considerably.  I am wondering about possible solutions to
this.  I have considered a serial addaptor with more buffering and am
wondering if anyone has experience with such a device.  

My second question is asked all to frequently here, but I still seem
unable to solve it.  On tty02 I have a dial up modem.  The ttys line
tty02	"/usr/libexec/getty std.38400"	vt100 on rtscts
The associated gettytab entry is

The modem answers normally, the login prompt comes up and the moment I
hit return after entering a login I get garbage.  I have tried playing
with the com settings  on the communications program I am using for a
terminal with no success.  It is note worthy perhaps that tty00 is a
local line connected via a null modem cable to another machine that
acts as a terminal.  This line performs admirably.  The only
differenct is that it is at 57600 baud.  Any suggestionws are highly
welcomed.  I have endeavored to provide the critical information to
give the picture and am hoping I have not missed anything essential.