Subject: Doh!
To: None <>
From: Source Librarian <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/28/1994 08:49:41

Ignore my previous question -- I RTFM'd the man page for /etc/group and
saw the group file now needs commas between the users. Sorry for the
wasted bandwidth.

I do, though, have something interesting to report (at least to me :-). My
preferred interactive shell, tcsh (6.04 and 6.05), is acting kind of strange
on -current. Once in a while, it will "mangle a carriage return" -- instead
of returning to the beginning of the next line on a newline, it will just
do a simple linefeed and continue on. For example, sometimes ls looks like

bungo% ls
Mail      ponch      newbie
                           hobart       momo       pink

I don't think it's current's fault, because /bin/csh /bin/sh seem to work
okay. The worst of it, though, is that it's intermittent -- if I log out
and log back in, it sometimes goes away. However, when it happens, it
affects the whole session until I do log out -- no matter what I do with

-Henry (