Subject: Bootstraping current installation
To: None <>
From: Surprenant Colin <surprenc@JSP.UMontreal.CA>
List: current-users
Date: 07/28/1994 23:52:56

My drive which was holding current just went dead :( and I have some 
questions to help me resetup current.

I have another drive on which I want to re-install current (1.0-alpha).
My latest backup was made using dump on a 4.3 filesystem.

Ok, now, my question is, what would be the best way for me to re-install
current and restore my backup. Has anybody made bootable floppy images
anywhere with current? 

If no, should I use the 0.9 bootables, and bootstrap from there?

Last question: my filesystem was 4.3 when I made the backup using dump, 
will I be able to do a restore on a 4.4 filesystem?


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