Subject: Kermit woes - my story
To: None <>
From: Mark F Willey <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/28/1994 21:39:46

I've been having similar problems to y'all WRT Kermit.

When I try to set line /dev/com0, it waits forever.  It will go through if
I send it a signal.

Then, it will connect as usual, but it will only look like garbage on the
screen.  I use it with /dev/com2, a hardwired cable, and it works fine.

The /dev/com0 is an internal 14400 modem w/ a 16550.  The com2 is a 16450.

Kermit is suid to uucp, and /dev/tty0? is rw only for uucp.

What does everyone else do to get it to work?

BTW, my tty00 has the clocal flag appended in /etc/ttys ie "on secure