Subject: Just upgraded, and...
To: None <>
From: Source Librarian <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1994 21:57:45
I just upgraded a machine of ours from 0.9 (release) to -current (7/13 +
kernel compiled from sources sup'd from last night), and I have a

Does -current su work differently than 0.9's su? Right now, I'm having
trouble su'ing to root from another account, even if the that user is
also in the wheel (gid 0) group. su keeps telling me:

   su: you are not in the correct group to su root.

Example: I have a user named fred, whose default group is staff. I
   also placed the user fred in the wheel group. -current's su won't
   let me su to root from fred's account.

-Henry (

BTW, is it safe for me to update my bootblocks if my root filesystem is
still 4.2BSD (level 1)?