Subject: Re: /sys/doc/options.doc
To: None <>
From: Charles M. Hannum <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1994 21:12:45
Actually, some of your info is wrong and/or outdated.  Specifically:

    'VNODEPAGER',       'caching of vnodes; REQUIRED',
    'DEVPAGER',         'caching of devices; REQUIRED',

These are actually for mmap() of vnodes and/or devices.

    'FASTLINKS',        'store short symlinks in the inode instead of the filesystem',

This is deprecated.  (It's always done on new file systems, and old
file systems with them can be read.)

    'XSERVER',          'machine is an X server',

This is deprecated, unless you're using pcvt.

    'UCONSOLE',         'use console as X server',

Actually, this controls whether a non-root user is allowed to acquire
the console device with TIOCCONS.

    'NFSSERVER',        'Sun\'s Network File System - server',
    'NFSCLIENT',        'Sun\'s Network File System - client',

Sun does not own our code.  B-)

    'MSDOSFS',          'MS-DOS file system',

There's a deprecated version of this called `PCFS'.

    'IMP',              'XXX: some network protocol',

That was the host-to-IMP protocol used many years ago when the ARPAnet
was started.  We don't have the IMP code in our tree, and I doubt
anyone would want it.

    'TPIP',             'XXX: some network protocol',

That's the connection-based protocol in OSI; it's to CLNP as TCP is to
IP, except that it was invented by ISO.

    'EON',              'XXX: some network protocol',

That's for CLNP tunneling over IP, I think.

    'MULTICAST',        'multicast networking',

Multicast is always included now.  (It's small, and it avoids a mass
of #ifdefs.)  The option is deprecated.

    'is0',      'isolan ethernet',

You might want to note that this has been renamed to `le'.

    'tun',      'XXX: unknown',

That's the network tunnel line discipline.