Subject: Re: Booting on Sparcs
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1994 14:06:00
> I have a SparcStation 1 that has recently had NetBSD installed on it.
> [...] [W]hen attempting to bootstrap itself, it often comes partway
> up and just after the 'bwtwo0' line in the messages below, it begins
> printing the prompt from the boot PROM, namely:

> type b (boot), c (continue), or n (new command mode) 

> continously, and L1-A has no effect - it must be powered off in order
> to stop it.  While trying to reproduce this problem, I have noticed
> that it does not happen as often if I go into 'new command mode'
> before booting.  Is this a known problem?

Close.  From the README file for the latest SPARC binary snapshot I
have, which is the one of July 14th:

|6.  your rom may need some setup. make sure you boot from `new command mode'.
|    If your machine comes up and gives you a `>' prompt instead of `ok', type:
|        >n
|        ok setenv sunmon-compat? false
|        ok
|    this is needed because netbsd cannot handle the old-mode yet,
|    and will firework on you.
|    you cannot use the security modes of the sparc rom. sorry, same
|    problem as above.
|        ok setenv security-mode none

Now, it doesn't specify precisely what "firework on you" means, but
what you describe certainly seems to me to be a likely candidate.
Whoever installed NetBSD on your SS1 should have done these already,
but I guess not....

Try setting security-mode and sunmon-compat? as described, and see if
it helps things any.

					der Mouse