Subject: /sys/doc/options.doc
To: None <>
From: Julian Howard Stacey <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/27/1994 19:08:58
I suggest NetBSD might like to adopt something like
FreeBSD's /sys/doc/options.doc (by Garrett A. Wollman)

While referencing my NetBSD-pc532 options (FASTLINKS etc),
I had to fall back to my i486-Freebsd /sys/doc/options.doc

Luckily I have both BSDs, but some pc532 owners (& other NetBSD users) dont,
so those folk might appreciate /sys/doc/options.doc.

I run PC532-NetBSD & i486-FreeBSD.
I have previously received unsolicited biased mail suggesting I abandon
xBSD in favour of yBSD: such suggestions are unwelcome, hopefully folk
retaining a foot in each camp can encorage BSD co-operation :-)
Julian Stacey	<>
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