Subject: Re: the next release
To: Adam Glass <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/26/1994 22:30:41
> 1) will the interval between releases decrease?
>    Yes.  A large # of factors led to large window between 0.9 and the
>    soon to arrive 1.0.  These factors include legalities, and manpower.
>    However we believe these problems are largely resolved.  We have
>    also invested time in tools to make future releases easier.

Actually, the latter sentence needs more emphasis:
we've invested a _LOT_ of time in tools to make future releases
easier.  With the advent of the 'binary snapshots', it became
an automated process.  Unfortunately, that's not quite the right
way to build a release, but we've been working on _that_ too,
and now have a simple set of tools to build a set of 'binary
sets' for any architecture in an automated way.

> 	Will be in next release almost for sure:
> 		integration of 4.4-Lite user-level
> 	Possibilities for the next release:
> 		changes to accomodate the alpha port

ACtually, more generally, "changes to accomodate ports to 64-bit
architectures."  The NetBSD core team and the various people
working on ports of NetBSD are gaining more experience (literally)
daily regarding portability issues.

Also, once again, if any of you out there are interested in working
on ports, and have the time, hardware, docs, and patience, please
get in touch with

> Feel free to send us your list.

Let me reiterate that, in a slightly different manner:
PLEASE send us your list, or at least please send _me_ your list,
especially if you are working on it, or willing to.  Also please
remember that our priorities are almost guaranteed to be different
than yours -- for instance, i know a _lot_ of you would like good
sound support, and, while i'd like it too, it won't ever be _that_
important to me, because i won't use it.  So you've gotta be willing
to put a bit of sweat into it to.  (That's just an example; i'm
_very_ glad to see that people are seriously working on sound support
with a uniform interface.  That's what we've been waiting for!  8-)